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21st-Century Productivity Analytics

Too many meetings, emails, and notifications?

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We help companies to drive sustainable productivity behavior and create a happier workplace.

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Raise time awareness & Improve internal communication

White-collar workers suffer from meetingitis (disease of having too many meetings), endless email threads, too many notifications, and lack of focus time. The employees end up working overnights, weekends.? Long hours do not ensure better productivity, either happier employees. We are on a mission to make productivity human again.

According to a Harvard Business Review survey, senior managers across industries reported:


said meetings keep them from
completing their own work


per month is being
wasted away


said meetings are
unproductive and inefficient

Healthy communication flow

Communication changes dynamically over time. Time is Ltd. visualizes team dynamics on the Communication flow 3D maps. Then, we use descriptive statistics and dashboards to deep dive into time spent; a ratio of internal or external meetings, which departments demands others time, and benchmark planning time between departments.

Big picture & company trends

We help to visualize company time in a way that has never been possible before. Our solution highlights patterns in communication and helps to solve organization communication issues.

Team Dynamics by Time Is Ltd.
Communication silos: Highlight of departments that do not communicate with their relevant counterparts. Highlight departments that spend too much time externally or internally.
Change over time: We aggregate on a team level and visualize company trends in time management, change in communication over time, and early alerts to highlight rising issues or inconsistent team behavior.
Mergers & Acquisitions: Measure progress in the internal alignment. Decisions always reflect in inner communication intensity and hierarchical structure. Visualize shifts in interaction planning and meetings month by month to understand whether the transformation is evolving in the right direction.
Internal overhead: Understand the meeting structure: percentage of time spent in meetings (within a team, cross-team, or external meetings), frequency of interactions between company departments.
"Have you ever been to a meeting and wondered, ‘why am I here?’ We are on a mission to stop this from happening, one company at a time.”
Jan Rezab, CEO & Founder of Time Is Ltd.

Track the impact of productivity tools

The web is full of recommendations, productivity tools, and so-called best practices – which of these actually work? Whether deploying Agile or tracking sales team performance, you need to rely on systems that truly support your business. See how integrated communication & collaboration tools like Slack actually affect organizational productivity and communication flow.


Make smarter decisions grounded in data

Business decisions should be based on data, not on your gut feeling. Time dashboards provide actionable insights on how time spent develops within your organization. Quantitative data on meetings give you a host of insights: Internal/external meetings ratio, Number of attendees, Meetings length, Decline rate, Business hours, Time planning, Time spent, Seasonality.

FREE Meeting Rating?Tool

Providing constructive feedback is a sign of a healthy company culture. Our free Meeting Rating Tool enables people to be transparent and give each other essential feedback on the value of time spent, helping teams in your company become aware of and improve meeting quality.

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Why partner with us?

We care deeply about time and are committed to helping organizations make the most of the time they have available.

Interested in implementing Time is Ltd. productivity analytics? Want to build an integration with Time is Ltd.? Get in touch with us!

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